MIRACLE Remedy for opiate withdrawal!!! (MUST WATCH)

4 thoughts on “MIRACLE Remedy for opiate withdrawal!!! (MUST WATCH)

  1. I’m a 10 year opiate addict who is now over 60 days clean and this is what helped me maybe it can help you. Also this only works if your seeing an addiction doctor who can write prescriptions for other medications. First taper down as low as you can and stop, I got to .25 a day. Get prescribed 300mg pills of Gabapentin and the lowest dose of clonidine possibly prescribed. Also get a nice big bag of really good quality weed indica dominate. Once withdraws kicked in I took 900mg a day of Gabapentin for 5 days, it really gets you though the acute phase, taper down 900mg, 600mg, 300mg for day 6 7 8, day 9 only take the clonidine as needed, stop the Gabapentin, you won’t have a withdraw from it after just 5 days of use, the clonidine now helps with anxiety greatly, only take alittle bit as needed. I took it for 2 days and by day 12 I was past the acute and all I did from then on was smoke weed. Slowly stop smoking weed whenever it feels right for you. This remedy helps you get through the acute pain but it does not stop diarrhea, cold sweats and lack of energy. It does help with restless leg and anxiety. It’s possible that this only worked for me but I feel very strongly that this could definitely help others.

  2. If their was some kind of magic cure for this their wouldn’t be addicts. Withdrawal sucks I’m dealing with it now. It’s going to get worse before it gets better but enough is enough.

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