Opiate Withdrawal during Coronavirus Pandemic???

5 thoughts on “Opiate Withdrawal during Coronavirus Pandemic???

  1. I honestly think it’s not a bad idea to remain on it until it’s over because the mild symptoms is similar to withdrawal…shit even if you got the virus you might not even know because you on opioids lol

  2. I stopped oxy’s after 4 years two days ago that ain’t the first time I relapsed in the past many times so I’m hopefully done if I can make it through this damn withdrawal

  3. Right before the news of fully quarantine was announced I was actually getting ready to pick up my weekly pills! When It was broadcasted, my first thought instantly was “time to get off these opioids!!!” I’ve been wanting SOOOO badly to stop but my schedule was making the decision difficult. I was getting so sick and tired and it weighed heavy on me every second of the day. It was a profoundly spiritually moment when I realized this is THE TIME! I gathered all the family members in my house, sat them down and admitted to everything. They were all pretty shocked but did notice things were off about me (you think your secrets are in the dark but people close to you know something is off). I asked them to please support me during this time as I would be unable to help with chores etc and just over all needing emotional, mental, spiritual support. I took my last dose, deleted/blocked the contact of who I would pick up from and started the process! I Stocked up on vitamins (all the B’s 5HTP, magnesium, calcium, omega, Vit C , multi etc). I purchased Epson bath salts, protein powder, spirulina and everything needed for smoothies, cleaned up my room/bathroom, did laundry, put my hair in French braids and put my head in a space of a warrior! I also did a self recorded video diary listing all the reasons why I needed to STOP. I did this because the last time I tried and almost succeeded my ego got the best of me and I forgot all the reasons why I hated being on! So I needed a recording of me in this state to show how much this was negatively impacting my life! After finishing all my tasks the withdrawal started to kick in!! The first day was bad but the 3rd was unbelievable torture, I kept thinking how badly I wanted to pick up and end this misery. I even thought “I deleted his number but I know where he lives so screw this – I can’t take it any more”. That thought crushed my soul and I just prayed! I started to visualize the days, weeks, months to come. I then remembered my video recording and watched it over and over again while in the bath (the hot baths saved my life). I also started making diary video every other day just to reflect back on and let things out. I also noticed moving was HUGE! When the RLS was there I would just pace back and forth for hours. It was in that moment I realized how key exercise and movement was! By day 4-5 I Started walking outside, it felt like a purge. Whatever my body was capable of doing I would push just a little each day. I’m now walking almost 45 min to an hour everyday, still taking all the vitamins, eating nutrition meals (I can keep it down now) and in the morning listen to guided meditation! I promise on everything I love I have NOTICED A HUGE IMPROVEMENT compared to the last time I tried! I’m now Day 16 – I feel lighter, and have moments of pure bliss and laughter. I’m so proud of my self and feel my self worth getting better. Of course not everyday is easy but I noticed a difference in pushing yourself – One day I laid around doing nothing and felt so down, A huge contrast to the days I was walking and preparing my food etc. Our goal is to nourish our selves back to health and wholeness! I promise y’all can do it and this is all happening for a reason to humanity. We need to awaken and realize our self sabotaging ego driven traits! We need to face our demons and go to battle for ourselves! Withdrawal and paws are the debt we need to pay for putting ourselves through this. But please remember diet, exercise, vitamins etc can speed up the process!

    Thanks so much y’all! Sending everyone soooo much love xoxoxo

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