Opiate withdrawal vs Kratom withdrawal. My experience

5 thoughts on “Opiate withdrawal vs Kratom withdrawal. My experience

  1. I’m on week 5 of kratom withdrawal. Much easier than opiate withdrawal, but it is lasting longer. I feel almost normal, almost. I have detoxed from heroin and pain killers, by day thirty I was normal. Weed, xanax, flexerel and head phones with good music really helps. Adderall really helps a lot. You will still feel the chills, goosebumps and other stuff, but with the focus,energy and euphoria you won’t care. Just becareful. I take the adderall on day 3 of detox, then every other day until I run out. By week 3 you can start taking things like gensing and b12 energy pills to help. By week 2 you can drink some wine like white zin to help also. Lots of weed! You need lots of weed. Energy pills and stuff like cocaine will not do jack those first 2 weeks. If you want focus and energy? Adderall is key. Modafinil or afrafinil will help also but only after the 2 or 3 week mark. But you should only take it every 2 or 3 days apart. Same with the adderall. I’ve been on kratom for about 4 years. I was taking about 12 3 gram doses a day. I went cold turkey 5 weeks ago. Less intense than opiates for sure, longer lasting though.

  2. Sugar is VERY bad for opiate withdrawal..if you are chugging sugar sodas,that is terrible for your system(also goes to same or similar resepters as opiates)..eating healthy, staying away from sugar and taking good vitamins(lots of vitamin b’s) are very important…just trying to help like you are..thanks for sharing

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