Suboxone Helps Relieve Chronic Pain -

Suboxone Helps Relieve Chronic Pain


Being a chronic pain sufferer most of my adult life I ran the gamut of taking opiate based medications and painkillers to help manage and relieve my chronic pain. My chronic pain doctor decided one appointment that I could get addicted to the medications he was prescribing and suggested I go to a Suboxone clinic. At first I was outraged and confused as to why he thought I would end up with a substance abuse problem. I was taking them as prescribed and they seemed to help the pain.

Suboxone Helps Chronic Pain

So I found a clinic and a doctor who prescribes Suboxone, 8mg-3 times per day. What I thought at first was a waste of time was actually a huge blessing in disguise. The Buprenorphine not only helped with the sometimes withdrawals, but helped with relieving my chronic pain much better than the opiates I was taking. I have since learned that Buprenorphine is a partial opiate that works to block pain receptors in the brain. What a great medication, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. It stops the withdrawals as well as helping me with my chronic pain relief. Suboxone has a much longer half-life than most opiate painkillers.

Buprenorphine For Addiction

When I told my doctor that it also controls my pain, he acted like he didn’t want to hear it. Come to find out due to government regulations, Suboxone doctors really don’t like to admit that it helps with chronic pain. And in many states now chronic pain doctors can no longer prescribe Suboxone for chronic pain treatment. It’s a catch twenty-two and a shame how the government treats people who suffer from opiate addiction and people who suffer from daily chronic pain. But I’m living proof that Suboxone helps relieve chronic pain better than most opiate extended release maintenance medications.

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