Is Suboxone Trading One Addiction For Another -

Is Suboxone Trading One Addiction For Another


Many people who are on Suboxone for opiate addiction claim that its more addictive and harder to get off of than most other opiate drugs and painkillers. Many people who have been addicted, dependent or who have built up a tolerance to medications like Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Tramadol and others, claim this is indeed the case. Suboxone has a much longer half-life than most other opiates so there’s a strong case to me made that this is true.

Suboxone Addiction & Withdrawal

Most opiates are out of your system within three days or 72 hours where Suboxone you’re just starting to feel the first affects of the first withdrawal symptoms four or five days after taking your last dose. Buprenex ( a generic form of Suboxone) is a controversial medication and some look at it as a “cash cow” for prescribers. Many doctors have left their main field of study to cash in on the opiate addiction crisis that’s currently sweeping through the U.S. Many doctors in some states used to or still do prescribe this medication for chronic pain issues as well as addiction. Though many states do to new regulations have also changed their laws where they can no longer prescribe Buprenorphine for chronic pain.

Suboxone Treatment

Also many doctors feel it’s a a wonder drug and a safer choice in the fight against the opiate crisis due to the Naloxone that has a ceiling affect. Buprenex is a sublingual medication and if taken with other opiates the patient won’t feel the other opiate and could result in immediate withdrawals. It’s very important to keep in mind when undergoing a dental procedure or any kind of surgery, you want to be sure to let everyone know that you take this medication and prepare before hand before your medical procedure. Whether Subs are a wonder drug to help people get off opiates and painkillers or just trading one addiction for another, I guess like everything else time will tell.

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