Opiate Withdrawal - 5 TIPS TO MAKE IT EASIER!

Opiate Withdrawal – 5 TIPS TO MAKE IT EASIER!


What’s up y’all! Here are 5 tips to help reduce and ease your withdrawal.

I truly believe anyone has the power to change their life. Make a list of why you need to quit…and why you want to turn your life around…and use it during moments of weakness!

Y’all got this. Embrace the suck, and stay strong!

5 thoughts on “Opiate Withdrawal – 5 TIPS TO MAKE IT EASIER!

  1. I have Lupus and RA. I have been on Norco for about 5 yrs. It’s to the point that it no longer helps with my pain. Although my pain is very real, I’m tired of taking them. I’ve tried to stop, but I can’t handle the withdrawals. My body is so dependent on them at this point. I’m a teacher and a mom…I don’t have time to be sick. I have done a lot of research and it seems that kratom would be a good choice for me…Im thinking that maybe it would even be good for my pain!? Anyways, I have no idea which kratom is the best for getting off of opiates…which site is the best to order from etc. I wasn’t even looking for this on YouTube. I was actually watching kitchen nightmares and your video was in my search. I’m thinking that it’s a sign for me. I would appreciate any advice and help. Thanks. ❤❤

  2. I find my self watching your videos again. The Kratom is no joke when it comes to feeling the symptoms of withdrawal. Maybe because of the hard opiates I was doing over 2 years ago? Idk but since then Kratom has been a God send but it’s also an addiction in unto its self no doubt. Just doesn’t come with as many negative side effects as pills or worse substances. How many days till you started feeling better, not your best. But just better after Kratom?

  3. Thanks for making this video. I’ve been on opiates for over 5 years due to a brutal car accident where I hit a moose. But I’ve realized these pills have completely stolen my life. I kindof tried to do a taper and then a cold turkey withdrawl (~30 hours) but I stopped because I was so anxious as my heart was beating so fast 😔. The other thing was I experienced severe restless leg syndrome, which I also felt in my arms. Is that a common symptom? And if so, do you have any recommendations for how to alleviate that? Thanks in advance for your advice. I love your videos, I’m so glad I stumbled onto your channel. 😊

  4. Good evening , great video . I wanted to say Thank You for sharing with us. I’m looking for some good advice. If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate hearing from you . Any info how kratom works for the withdrawal from opiates. Thanks so much

  5. God bless you for making this video! I was on opiates (heroin, oxys, dilaudid) for several yrs then got on methadone to get off of that but was hooked on that for 10 yrs. I did a slow taper from methadone getting down to 4 mgs a day (liquid) before finding out about kratom and then just using kratom to quit the methadone clinic. Fast forward I have been using kratom 3-4 times a days (8-10 grams per dose) for about 16 months everyday and I am just so ready to be free from all this crap for good. Before drugs I worked out and was in great shape and felt better than any drug ever made me feel and 3 weeks ago I finally got the motivation to start working out again. I have gained 8lbs in the past 2-3 weeks and feel that I can really do this at this time. I have been doing a slow taper over the past couple weeks from kratom as well and honestly I am feeling some withdrawal symptoms that is frustrating and hard at times especially at work but keeping busy helps with it. Pray for me that I will get through this for myself and my family

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