Suboxone Addiction - HOW I GOT OUT

Suboxone Addiction – HOW I GOT OUT


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How I Got Off Suboxone With No Withdrawal:

Suboxone is now one of the most popular drugs for getting off of heroin and other opiates. It’s also one of the most successful drugs in combating heroin and opiate addiction.

Suboxone is a mix of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Originally Subutex was used to fight opiate addiction, but because Subutex didn’t have Naloxone in it it was much more likely for people to abuse the drug. Naloxone binds to the opiate receptors and prevents opioids from binding to them.

So with all of this said, is Suboxone addiction still a thing? It sure is. As is Suboxone abuse, although less likely that Subutex which came first and does not have the Naloxone in it.

In this video we will help explain what we experienced with Suboxone addiction. We help users understand what Suboxone is like, what an addiction to Suboxone is like and how to get off of it!

Matt used it to get off of heroin and has now been off of heroin for 10 years and off of Suboxone for over 8 years.

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