If you stumbled upon this video, PLEASE check out my other videos and subscribe! **If Your Interested In an Update From This Video and How I Am Doing Now, The Update Video Is Now Up On My Channel** Hey guys so I decided to switch from Methadone to suboxone and I wanted to Vlog the process to help anyone who May be deciding to do the same! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO, like and comment! and don’t forget to subscribe


  1. Poor thing. I’ve been there every single day for the last three years. Got up to ordering pure fentanyl and then to precut carfentanil. Was getting it off the deep web straight from China. I’ve done the entirety of this video over 30 times in the last 2 years. Six treatment / rehabs. Been on 225mg of methadone. Been on suboxone. Both of these legal opioids are long acting. The methadone gets into your bones. To kick either cold turkey means months and months of post acute withdrawals.

    Finally back in February I was stable on suboxone and researched Ibogaine. I relapsed back to Fentanyl for a month. Went down to Mexico and did Ibogaine. There were zero withdrawals. None of anything you see in this video. No 8 days of hell.

    It suppresses the nervous system and brain and blocks the withdrawals. Not only that but it repairs the dopamine receptors to a pre-addicted state. So you’re not depressed.

    I’m opioid free for the first time in very very long time.

    I cant believe this guy tried to get his suboxone so soon. Work out and sweat lol. Methadone has a 72-84 hour half life. Which means it’s not out of your system for weeks… months. The typical equation is take your milligram and multiply it by seven. This guy should have went tapered down way past 21mg.

    This is why people switch back to dope. It’s way easier to quit dope than it is to quit methadone. That’s why he did what he did. Every addict knows this. And so does the pharmaceutical companies that keep addicts on EVEN MORE ADDICTIVE LEGAL OPIODS.

    If you are on methadone / suboxone… sorry but that’s NOT clean time in my book. This guy feels amazing because he switched from one legal opioid to another. Thank god we live in a time where Maintainence exists because it gives does give people their lives back. But when this guy goes to kick suboxone, he’s gonna experience the same shit. So he’s gonna stay on it for life or eventually feel the hell again. Yes you can taper down. But you will still feel sick and depressed for months even if you jump off at 1mg< You want real clean time? Pay $4500 to save your life and break the cycle. Go down to Mexico and go to a medical clinic and do Ibogaine treatment.

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