New Device for Opioid Withdrawal?

New Device for Opioid Withdrawal?


Anna tries a new device designed to help with withdrawal symptoms and undergoes implant surgery to help keep her sober. Addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto shares some of the successes he has had using this treatment combination.

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5 thoughts on “New Device for Opioid Withdrawal?

  1. Naltrexone implants DO NOT stop opiate withdrawal. You have to be 100% free of opiates in your body to even consider a naltrexone implant. I know many ppl that have tried this method and failed. Not to mention how ungodly expensive it is. This is total bs

  2. My friend and I both have been clean from heroin for 7 and 10 years (and totally changed our lives around) and we did it without having to go through withdrawal. We have everything documented on our channel…reach out to us if you need any advice for coming off opiates

  3. I should’ve done a video of my WDs…People would faint in disbelief!! This girl ain’t near suffering bad at all from her appearance! I looked like I’d been hit by a runaway train & dragged 50 miles…. 😵
    Withdrawals are a mother f**r! There’s people who’d rather commit suicide than go thru the weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of Agony and torture of opiate withdrawals… It’s absolutely the most horrible hell there is.
    Some people get over it quicker than others, but as for me, I stayed in withdrawals for months with no light at the end of the tunnel, except an oncoming train… I looked into that treatment that you get it done really fast, go thru withdrawals while you’re under anesthesia for several hours, and when I researched all over the Internet & saw the price, it just blew me away. I’m like, who in the hell can afford this kind of treatment? $10-20grand!!!! Not including other expended!! OUTRAGEOUS!! That’s why everybody is still addicted. That’s why you don’t hear about anybody getting this stuff done. They ain’t got the money! Methadone is poor man’s treatment, and that’s just another ball & chain… Controlled by govt & big pharma…
    these doctors need to pull together and have some compassion and get some treatment centers going with seriously affordable anesthesia withdrawal treatment centers. How many more people could get cured from their addiction… or at least make it to where the treatment centers will accept regular Medicaid which is what most addicts are on because they don’t have that fabulous job with the Blue Cross Blue Shield….. Or are even possibly homeless now… Most opiate addicts are damn good PPL with a big problem that needs professional help without all the intense pain & agony anymore!!
    there needs to be a serious overhaul in the way treatment is done for opiates. Opiates are not like any other drug….. we need some treatment centers that will allow opiate addicts to get anesthesia withdrawal treatment Either free, cheap, or under Medicaid. So we can all start to live better productive lives… God bless the addicts begging for help…

  4. I stopped opioids with one high dose vitamin C IV with the only withdrawal being my right hand shaking for about a minute. It was 50,000mg of Vit C. It has to be an IV because the gut doesn’t absorb the chewable vitamin C the same way and the C needs to be absorbed in order to detox the body super fast. My doctor said that’s the key to little to no withdrawal. I also didn’t crave them since that day. There’s an article from the 1970’s that I discovered on the internet that a doctor wrote. He was getting people off heroin too. I don’t understand why more doctors don’t know about this. It was so easy for me and before this, I tried for two years to taper and had horrible withdrawals. So many doctors want people addicted because they make a lot of money by people being addicted.

  5. I got off of opioids by doing one high-dose vitamin C IV. It sounds too simple but the reason why it works is because vitamin C IVs detox the body super fast, so you have little to no withdrawal. Taking the vitamin C by mouth doesn’t do the same thing because the gut doesn’t absorb enough of it.
    Doctors don’t usually study vitamins and how they work in medical school and the doctors that do know that this works, many times, don’t want people knowing about it because there’s no money in it for them and rehabs would shut down. My doctor has been getting people off opioids so easily and it’s really great to see. I’ve been off them two years and I haven’t craved them since that day. Now I’m trying to find out how to get the damage the opioids did to my body repaired.

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