Quick Tips To Help With Your Opiate Withdrawal

Quick Tips To Help With Your Opiate Withdrawal


Many people are gearing up to get ready to take their life back before the new year. You may have some time off from work or you just want to start fresh and clean for the new year. Whatever you reasons for getting clean they are good. Getting clean will be the best decision you ever make and although it will be difficult, it is not impossible! Here are some tips to help you through the first couple days of withdrawal.
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5 thoughts on “Quick Tips To Help With Your Opiate Withdrawal

  1. Holee kanolee Americans have a time of year when they collectively go through opiate withdrawal??!! What kind of hell is that place?

  2. Valuim and xanx… Cbd… Water or juice… Try to eat…. Dark chocolate…. Suboxone or Subutex but only as a detox. Do not get stuck on subz they are harder withdrawals then opiate’s. So make sure to tapper your self of if you use. Saying goes 1is too many and 1000 is never enough.. realest shit I’ve ever heard. Might not be the right advice but I hope it helps.

  3. Holy moly I am literally terrified, I went 6 days a few months ago and had to get back on. It was awful. Had to to to the ER for fluids. Couldn’t even walk. Ambulance. The whole deal. Here we go again.

  4. THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED WITH EVERYONE. A person working in Vancouver detox centers for 36 years has developed an innovative, NON-INVASIVE, NON-PHARMACEUTICAL treatment that relieves withdrawal pain, as well as other complex pain issues. He is giving the information away FREE to the public. Here it is:


    What you’ll need

    1. The photo or illustration of the protocol (see @t

    2. Electrodes, for which two options exist:

    Option A: Copper and Silver Conductive INKS

    Option B: Copper and Silver Electrode DISCS (see “Making Your Own Electrode

    Discs,” below)

    3. A small dipstick (A wooden matchstick will do. Even better, remove an ink tube from a pen and cut it to the right length. Blow all the ink from inside the thin, hollow tube. Stuff the end of the tube with a bit of sponge foam. You will have an extremely easy and precise instrument!)

    4. Something to secure the electrodes. For discs, use tape. (Any tape will do, although many people prefer surgical tape.) For the ink electrodes, use a topical adhesive coating like New Skin. (Pros-Aid® No-Tack works best: @t

    Bio-electrode INKS

    Copper and silver electrode inks are available at: @t.

    In the search box, type in the code “INKPAIR,” and you will be taken to the Bio-electrode Therapy inks. The two bottles will cost $45 total, and will last for hundreds of treatments.

    Making your own metal electrodes is easy and much cheaper. Here’s how:

    Making Your Own Electrode DISCS

    You can easily make the electrode discs with an office paper hole punch. I prefer the Swingline Lever Professional 2 Hole Punch Model: 74101. It makes the perfect ¼ inch diameter electrodes. This hole punch is good quality, solid steel construction, and can be purchased on-line from any office supply store.

    Purchase a thin 99.95 % pure copper metal sheet from a local sheet metal supplier.

    (I purchase the 1-foot by 1-foot copper sheets from Metal Supermarkets for $9 Canadian. Go here:


    Aluminum electrodes can be made from aluminum foil from your kitchen, but I prefer to make the electrodes from thicker gauge aluminum trays from a Dollar store or any supermarket. You can have an endless supply with this simple method for making copper and silver electrode discs.

    I have been using 3M Micropore tape (1/2 inch) to secure the metal disc electrodes to the fingers, toes, and other acupuncture points. Any type of tape will work, but obviously some tapes work better than others, being transparent, hypoallergenic, etc.

    Application of the INK Electrodes

    1. Thoroughly clean all the selected acupuncture points with an alcohol swab.

    2. Stir the ink contents with a dip stick to thoroughly mix the metal particles in the solution.

    3. Apply the ink electrodes to the acupuncture points with the dip stick and allow them several minutes to dry.

    4. Apply the waterproof adhesive as a topical coating over the ink electrodes to secure the electrodes. With some care, the ink should remain secure for a couple days.

    This will improve adhesion strength and waterproof them. (For best results, apply the adhesive twice daily.)

    5. When the electrodes fall off, pain will usually return. Simply replace the lost electrodes with fresh ones. As long as they are on, healing is taking place as well as pain relief. In most cases, pain sufferers are able to stop using the electrodes after months, weeks, or even days.

    Application of the Electrode DISCS

    1. Secure the electrodes to the acupuncture points using tape.

    2. When the electrodes fall off, pain will usually return. Simply replace the lost electrodes with fresh ones. As long as they are on, healing is taking place as well as pain relief. In most cases, pain sufferers are able to stop using the electrodes after months, weeks, or even days.

    Ink Electrodes Versus Disc Electrodes

    Both types of electrodes work. My preference is to use the copper and silver ink electrodes, for several reasons. They are easy to apply and will remain secure for one or two days and longer. Real silver Ag is used, providing superior conductivity, as well as the antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of silver ions. The laborious and unhygienic taping of the electrode discs to toes is not required. With the discs, the tape tends to get wet and dirty by the end of the day. They are also a bit uncomfortable, and many patients feel that the appearance of tape on fingers and toes is unattractive. The inks are more comfortable, and hardly noticeable. In fact, they can look quite interesting and attractive. No more wrestling with taping toes!

    Electrolyte-Balancing Beverage

    An electrolyte-balancing beverage should be encouraged in all therapeutic settings, particularly those in which the patient is in an extremely debilitated conditions as described in Chapter 9, or has suffered blood or fluid loss, or trauma like heart attack. A simple electrolyte beverage should ideally be consumed prior to and during bio-electrode treatment to enhance treatment efficacy and further stabilize patient wellness.

    Homemade Electrolyte Beverage Recipe:

    • 500 ml (17 oz) water

    • 3 tablespoons maple syrup (raw honey is an alternative option)

    • 1 tsp coarse sea salt

    • Lemon juice, to taste

    • Lime juice, to taste

    Combine all ingredients and stir thoroughly. Drink throughout the day.

  5. LET ME GIVE THE BEST ADVICE..everyone will have different reactions to withdrawals from Opioids. (All are Horrible)..I would NOT go cold Turkey..if you have been on them for years,Like I was(10)…go to your doctor and do it properly…Do not go on Methadone (SAME as Opioids)…All I can do is recommend what worked for me…I meet with my doctor..then the pharmacist…then had to withdraw for 16 hours before going in and starting Suboxone…I was doing over 400mg a day of Oxy/hydro…I started with 16 mg a day of Suboxone..was able to work the next day…not going to say there weren’t alot of days of walking the razors edge,but after a year I was off EVERYTHING…I see alot of people saying suboxone withdrawals is as bad as opioids…If you taper down over a year it’s not…that’s my story..Hope it helps…

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