Opiate withdrawal at home tips

Opiate withdrawal at home tips


My experience with withdrawal and what i used to help me get through it. I was very nervous when I made this and everything I say was basically freestyle so I just want to say sorry for not being specific about the dosages of vitamins and supplements I mention. Ive received “a few” messages about me saying “a lot”. I realized after the vid was posted. Everything I mention should be used as directed and I think I said a lot because I wasnt used to taking so many GOOD pills. Best wishes guys

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  1. Good video…and thanks for tips. I’m sure this would help others trying to withdraw from opiates.

  2. When you say the story about the dr, it makes me so angry! I didn’t so this to myself & just because someone else has a hardship doesn’t mean I can. You maybe can’t handle blood, emergencies, scared of fire. I’m not, I went into it. Just because I wasn’t scared or was willing to put my life on the line doesn’t mean everyone should be able to because my dad & I could. Maybe ppl who prescribe it should have some med in med school that can be given to them to copy withdrawal but not make them high, nothing addictive. Just so they can be more sympathetic. My dr got stripped of writing opioids Fri. I was told Monday. He said he begged them for 2 months time to ween down or help his 250 patients find a new dr but no. He said 5 ppl already told him they are going to the streets to not so withdrawals. I’ve watched so many videos & I’m more afraid & confused. So, I did go to a clinic & got a suboxone scrip, but she says I have to be in the throws of withdrawal before I can take it. I don’t want to be on that shyt for years, like I’m reading. I was hoping to use it to get my off opioids w/o withdrawals not give me a mew dependency. Then the fuck do I do about my pain??? I mean I found a pain management dr but nobody around here gives pain meds anymore. It’s hella hard to find. I’ve done everything right since I got hurt to prove I’m not am addict. I’m just trying to be a good mom & help to take care of my brain dead mom to give my dad a break. No lie, I can’t do it. I’m tapering down with what meds I have left & I feel like I have symptoms already. I’m def struggling w/the mental part. I just keep weighing can my daughter go on w/o me.. that is the ONLY thing that has kept me feom offing myself on the steps of the State House, feet from the Governor’s Mansion w/a note about how dr’s get us in this situation. The politicians rip it away & then make money off my new addiction, methadone or suboxone(btw, I’m NOT taking Methadone. I want pain/withdrawal relief, not a high. I HATE being in an altered state.) Anyway, they make us either deathly ill, people do commit suicide & keep you on some drug govt program forever. Where are the fucking doctors & programs to help me with a problem I DIDN’T FUCKING CREATE! I was a fucking fire fighter. A volunteer at that. I got hurt, I’m on disability while I was trying to help someone who got fucked up cuz cigarettes, booze & pot are legal, but whatever. Anyway, I’m trying help some drunk dude and this dumb bitch runs into us. Like the fuck you miss the big yellow coats lady??? Whatever. Doesn’t matter, this is where I am. Help, PLEASE!! Do I take the subs? Do I quick order some Kratom? From where, which kind, there are colors, then fast, slow. How is red relaxing but it days fast red & fast is energy. I’m so confused & don’t know if I’m strong enough to do it.

  3. My doctor cut me off my chronic pain meds after 20 years and I’m 68 years old. After 2 1/2 months I believe I’m on the third phase and now I have high blood pressure, I’m in pain all the time, I can’t sleep, my panic disorder has increased, I have trimmers right now that are nearly out of control, constipation that is hurting my tailbone so that I can’t lay on my back and I have no energy and can barely drive my car to the doctor, a new doctor, and I’ve contracted salsmann‘s disease in my eyes and now my vision is going blurry. The eye doctor believes I need surgery. I begged them to give me treatment and no one would. I go back to the doctor today. I was so restless and hurting so bad and so shaky that I took half of a diazepam this morning and I slept for two hours. I know this is not a solution but do you have any time frame for me? Washington state laws. I need to get my blood pressure down and my type one diabetes was out of control after being taken off of 40 mg oxycodone per day. Abruptly and yes I changed doctors but I am not taking them anymore. I also have severe spondylosis in my neck and my lower back and I feel like I’m in labor most nights. Seniors and veterans are being cut from their pain meds after many years of use. Some are committing suicide others are dying in excruciating pain. I work out when I do yoga when I’m able to stand. If you know anything I can do please help. I’ve done everything that you said for the last two months but I cannot take anything that puts me out so I’m afraid of Antihistamine acting vitamins. There are phases to opiate withdrawn and I learned so far that it takes up to six months.

  4. Hears the thing just so everyone knows the best way to stay of opiates is to never touch them, fir those who have or are addicted to them you will struggle with this the rest of your life one thing we all need to know is if u think it’s ok to do it once in awhile ur not ready to be clean! Fact is you can never take a single opiate again in ur life ever again, after getting clean even for 6 months and u deside to say incan just do it once I’ll be fine, that one time with the way r brains r conditioned know, will throw you right back into withdraw you have to be willing to never touch another opiate the rest of ur life period if u cant come to terms with that u my friend r not ready!!

  5. Thanks for video man. Ive been struggling so bad with opioid withdrawal. The physical stuff is manageable to me… its the mental WD I go through. The post acute stuff drags on in me for months. I have been taking kratom. Some are big supporters of it and some see it as very bad. For me its helped the WD off of a 14 year suboxone addiction… however now I find myself needing to take more and more frequently to not get sick. Opioids are a curse for me… the first opioid I took when I was 17 started a life long journey of constantly knowing there’s a euphoric feeling that I want all the time. It’s like normal life doesn’t cut it for me. I really appreciate people like yourself posting these videos as it helps to know I am not alone.

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